Renewable energy,

sustainable lifestyle...

they're possible here
and now

Our fossil fuel lifestyle is on the way out, that's for sure.

But what will replace it?

Glimpses of America's future will be on display at a festival in Pennsylvania in September.

More than 5,000 people attended last year’s fair, and more are expected this time, organizers say. The fair will be held at a site in Berks County, within easy reach of Philadelphia and New Jersey

The fair will focus on sustainable living and renewable energy, and will feature music, food vendors, a farmers market, many fun activities for children, with more than 100 workshops, demonstrations and speakers. Among them:

  • Will Fantle of the Cornucopia Institute will clear up questions surrounding the authenticity of organic food.
  • Meghan Murphy, a founder of Ithaca Biodiesel, will talk about the promises and pitfalls of bio fuels.
  • Jeffery M. Smith, who has organized the Campaign for Healthier Eating in America, will warn of the problems posed by the genetically modified foods that have been entering our food supply.

Other topics to be covered include nuclear energy, global warming, organic farming, and the basics of wind power.

As the implications of climate change become more apparent, people are asking what they can do about it, right now, hands on. The fair offers workshops and demonstrations of solar power, water wheels, ethanol production, clay bake ovens, the construction of “green” homes and much much more.

Music includes indie pop stars Big Beat Tornado, and jazz rockers Rhythm Road.

Food vendors will offer true organic selections, everything from hamburgers to veggie wraps to smoked salmon and jambalaya.

More than 80 exhibitors have signed up, and local farmers will be on hand offering farm-to-table products.

Campers are welcome, and sites are available at $15 a night at the fair’s 66-acre grounds, the Kempton Community Center in the beautiful rural town of Kempton, Pennsylvania.

Officially called the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival, the fair will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23. The site is located near the Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary, off I-78, between Reading and Allentown. Tickets are $12, half price for people under 21, and free for children 12 and under.

The fair is relaxed and family-friendly. It offers a range of fun activities for youngsters, including a well-equipped playground. Face painting, clay modeling, chalk murals and other fun crafts will be practiced by parents and children alike.

The event is organized by the Mid Atlantic Renewable Energy Association.

It offers advice and demonstrations by more than 100 experts from across the nation on sensible, sustainable living.

It features products that help consumers save money and energy and help protect the environment.

It supports sustainable agriculture that is economically viable, environmentally sound, socially just and humane.

This year organizers have an exciting new addition to the agenda. An entire day, Friday, Sept. 21st, will be dedicated to the education of middle and high school students and their teachers. There will be an extensive list of educational programs for students to promote energy conservation and awareness and sustainable living.

More information, schedules and directions
are on the festival website.


Archie Follweiler - Executive Director

Bill Hennessy – President
Administration, Sponsorships &Publicity
Speakers & Workshops
Connections to keynote speakers:

The Cornucopia Institute, led by Will Fantle, is dedicated to the fight for economic justice for the family-scale farming community.

Ithaca Biodiesel

Jeffrey M. Smith