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DIY Renewables & Sustainables at PA EnergyFest
Show Us Your Stuff!
Whether you're going solar or building a better composter, we'd love to hear about it!
Let’s face it, sometimes we just aren't ready to spend the big bucks and we come up with a cost effective alternative for some of the mass produced products on the market.

We know there are many of you out there inventing, building, and using your own versions of the High Tech stuff we display each year and we would like to offer you the opportunity to display your invention or idea and present it to the public.

Solar Cooker made from
an Umbrella and Aluminum Foil

A homemade device (whether you invented it or not)
Something that you have purchased and improved the design to be more efficient; or altered it so it could be used for a different purpose, something other than its original function.
It can be a technique or procedure, it does not have to be an actual item.

“DIY (Do It Yourself) Renewables.”

So, MAREA is going to set aside a DIY corner at the festival this year. We'll have several examples of what we've done to help conserve both money and resources with the hope that many of you will bring your examples along.
The format will be show and tell from both an actual example (if it fits in your trunk) or pictures we'll put into a slide show for presentation.
All we'll need is some idea of what you'd like to showcase. A picture or two, a small write up and whether you'll have a working example with you.

From there we'll make sure to have enough room to display your item(s) or your photos into a master presentation for all to see. We're even thinking we'll have an audience driven best of class voting competition, too. We figure free memberships should be awarded to the winners.
We are excited to see your “Homegrown Solutions”!

If you would like to participate in our
DIY event email your entry answering the following questions:
What is it or what does it do.
Approximately how much does it cost to make?
How many hours?
List of components and materials.
Any unusual tools or materials needed.
Attach a photo or document to the email if you have one.

We request that all projects be at the festival for all three days, if not, please contact us.
A portion of the pole barn or a tent will be used for display of projects
Security personel on the grounds after hours.

Schedule to be Announced
Schedule will be posted on the internet so participants know when to be present.
Each presentation will be 10 min.
Moderator will read the information that the participant submitted on the website.
5 minute question and answer

Please don't be concerned about the level of your offering.
One MAREA member began his journey into Solar Hot Water heating with a summer time outdoor shower assembled from two black garden hoses strung on top of an outdoor shed.

Rooftop Solar Heater from Soda Cans.
Rain Barrel System

Vertical Garden

Drip Irrigation System   Solar Hot Air Heaters

Solar Hot Tub

Plastic Bottle Sprinkler for Irrigation